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Marble Texture Aluminum Composite Material Panel

Since marble texture aluminum composite material panel may enjoy a marble like effect as requirement and a light weight, it could serve as alternative to marbles for use in high buildings. After installation, marble texture ACPs possess similar effect with real marbles.

Marble texture aluminum composite material panel gets rid of the disadvantages of traditional ACP and possesses many extra outstanding properties, like, gorgeousness, decorativeness, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, humidity resistance, thermal resistance, vibration resistance, fire-proof and sound-proof, light weight, workability, and easy to install and transport, while not sacrificing the original strength of its raw materials – aluminum and PE materials.

Specifications Of Aluminum Composite Panel
Normal Width 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1570mm, 2000mm
Panel Thickness 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Aluminum Alloy AA1100,AA3003,AA5005(Other Grade On Requirements)
Aluminum Skin Thickness 0.08mm ~ 0.60mm
Coating PE/PVDF/FEVE/NANO/Anti-scratch/Mill
PE Core Recycle PE Core/Fireproof PE Core/Unbreakable PE Core
Color Solid/ Glossy/Matt/Metallic/Marble/Wooden/Brush/Mirror/Embossed
Length 5800mm in maximum for 20ft container
Delivery 15 to 20 days after order confirmed and receiving deposit
MOQ 600 to 1000 m2 per color
Brand/OEM ALUWEDO®/ Customized
Payment Terms T/T/ L/C at sight/Western Union
Packing By bulk; In Wooden Package
Testing Item Standard Result
Unit Weight ASTM D792 T 3mm=4kg/m2
Thermal Expansion ASTM D696 24-28
Thermal Deformation Temperature ASTM D648 115℃
Thermal Conduction ASTM D976 0.102kcal/m.hr℃
Flexural Rigidity ASTM D393 14.0*10^5
Impact Resistance ASTM D732 1.64kgf
Adhesive Strength ASTM D903 0.77kg/mm
Flexural Elasticity ASTM D790 4030kg/mm2
Shear Resistance ASTM D732 2.7kgf/mm2
Fire Propagation ASTM E84 Qualified
Wind-Pressure Resistant ASTM E330 Passed
Properties Against Water ASTM E331 Passed

Many buildings choose paints, marbles, ceramics, metals and many other materials as its wall decorations. But in fact, they all have such-and –such shortages:

Painting always has poor weather resistance, adhesive strength, and easy to fall off; Glass material always features few color options, high transparency and generating light pollution;

Marbles owns characteristics like, heavy weight, difficult installation, no special patterns. Besides, it also fails to be installed on high-rise buildings and fails to make 3D effect.

Therefore, in order to meet customers requirements, improve technical shortness, and offer building a more attractive and unique appearance, Aluwedo has spent a long period in research marble texture aluminum composite panels. And now, it finally manages to produce desired ones.

Aluwedo is a reliable marble texture aluminum composite material panel manufacturer and supplier, offers a wide range of interior and exterior decorative ACP panels for customers. Our aluminum composite panels can be used as architectural wall cladding, building façade, advertising signage, commercial entryway, etc. From the raw material selection, panel manufacturing and surface coating, each step is under strict control, we are sure to offer quality marble texture ACP composite panels with competitive prices.

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