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Custom ACP Panel
What can we do?

As a professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer, Aluwedo is capable to provide custom ACPs with required standards, color, and packaging.

Why us?

1. Raw materials
High-pressure polyethylene is introduced from LG, featuring high quality, low density and good water absorption capacity. It also has good flexibility, ductility, transparency, cold tolerance, and machinability. And it also possesses the characteristics of good chemical stability, so it could withstand acid, alkali, brine and many other solutions. Meanwhile, good electrical insulativity and air permeability are also enjoyed for our high-pressure polyethylene.

Aluminum coils are purchased from Southeast Aluminum Group, so their quality could be well guaranteed.

2. Processing capacity
1). PE material feeding: Tension controlled manual feeder is introduced for PE material's feeding;
2). Hydraulic oil press: The lifting of our hydraulic oil press will be controlled by the amount of PE materials;
3). Belt conveyor: The belt conveyor is outfitted with automatic correction function, so it allows the correcting towards PE materials' conveying direction and the overlapping for PE materials and aluminum coils.
4). Brushes for dust collection and electrostatic dust removal: Double-shaft industrial brushing machine, electrostatic dust removal and dust collector are introduced to remove dusts on PE materials.
5). Preheating furnace: PE materials will be pre-heated by preheating furnace with a power of 60kw, so when they are taken out from the furnace, a temperature of 80~100 degrees could be ensured.
6). Short-wave heating: Shortwave heater is introduced for instant heating towards PE materials, so their temperature will rise to 100 degrees.
7). Feeding for aluminum coils and polymeric membrane : Aluminum coil feeding-rotating wheel- tensile test- thermal oil roller
Feeding for polymeric membrane : polymeric membrane placing- polymeric membrane uncoiling – thermal oil roller
8). Laminating with thermal oil: Setting the temperature of thermal oil roller, adjusting the clearance between upper and lower roller, allowing an initial laminating of polymeric membrane s and PE material.
9). Heating: Infrared quartz heater with medium- and long-wave will be introduced to heat pre-laminated ACPs to a temperature of 130~150 degrees.
10). Hot pressing: After setting the temperature and oil pressure of heat press machine in accordance with the requirements of production techniques, hot pressing will carried out towards our panels for further lamination.
11). Cooling: After the processing of water chiller and fan coil unit, laminated panels' temperature could be cooled to a required level.
12). Adding protective film: Adding film on formed panel according to requirements.
13). Cutting: Cutting panels according to customers' needs, but an extra length of 3cm should be saved for further trimming.
14). Ball conveyor: Ball conveyor allows the transferring towards cut ACPs to rear part for other processing.

  • PE material feeding
  • Hydraulic oil press
  • Belt conveyor
  • Brushes for dust collection and electrostatic dust removal
  • Preheating furnace
  • Short-wave heating
  • Feeding for aluminum coils and polymeric membrane
  • Laminating with thermal oil
  • Heating
  • Hot pressing
  • Cooling
  • Adding protective film
  • Cutting
  • Ball conveyor
3. Quality control
  • Bending test: Test the folding endurance of aluminum composite panel
  • Hardness test: Test the hardness of ACPs
  • Put sample in boiling water: Test the fastness of coating
  • High temperature test with oven
  • Adhesive strength test for bend part
  • Scratch test
  • Impact test
  • Charpy impact test
4. Optional colors

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