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Manufacturing Capability
Production Process
  • Aluminum composite panel production line, speed 3m/min
  • Feeding system
  • 3-roller & 2-roller forming system
  • 5-roller extrusion system
  • Quality control ststem
  • Cooling system
  • Automatic edge cutting system
  • Composite system with protective film
  • Cutting system
  • Work shop for Aluminum panel
  • Work shop for Aluminum panel
  • Finished Aluminum sheets in stacking area
  • Painted aluminum to be put into production line
  • Wooden pallets
  • Packaging Aluminum panels with wooden boxes
  • Pallets to be loaded in containers
  • Producing office
  • Aluminum composite panel production line

Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line
1. Main extruder for PE core
2. T-Moulding
3. 3-roller & 2-roller extruding
4. 4-roller extruding
5. Trimming & checking
6. Cooling
7. Making & tapping
8. Cutting
9. Stacking

Advantages of the composite panel production line
1. This line runs at a high speed of 3.8m/min.
2. The double screw for extruding PE core allows the PE core to be mixed well and kept at a stable extrusion volume. It ensures the quality of PE core.
3. The 3-roller and 2-roller extrusion system is able to produce different specifications of materials such as steel composite panel, stainless steel composite panel, etc.
4. The trimming and checking line is longer than 4m. Any surface defects will be easily found on the sheets. The natural cooling system is set to ensure the sheets to be flat and adhesive.
5. Air-condition cooler is adopted to cool ACP sheets.

Quality Control
  • Thickness Tester
  • Bending Machine
  • Coating Adhesion Test Instrument
  • Color Meter
  • Electric Heating Thermostatic Water Bath
  • Electronic Balance
  • Gloss Meter
  • Oven
  • Flow Meter
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • TensileImpact Tester
  • Electronic Micrometer

1.Thickness Tester
This instrument is utilized to check the thickness of coatings. Generally, the thickness of primer paint is 6um, PE coating is 17um, PVDF coating 25um, and PVDF coating 32um.

2. Bending Machine
Checking the flexibility of coating and testing the coated aluminum coils

3.Coating Adhesion Test Instrument
Checking whether the coating adhere properly to the panels, testing the coated aluminum coils

4.Color Meter
Checking color difference, usually solid color, to control the color difference within 0.2 and the metallic color difference within 0.5

5.Electric Heating Thermostatic Water Bath
To determine whether the coating adhere well to the panels and PE core in case the aluminum sheets fall off from the PE core after the composite panels are installed on cladding

6.Electronic Balance (precision: 0.001g)

7.Gloss Meter
Measuring the specular reflection gloss of the panel surface

Checking the weather resistance of coatings

9.Flow Meter
Determining the performance of LDPE

10.Tensile Testing Machine

11.TensileImpact Tester
Checking the flexibility of coating and aluminum panels

12.Electronic Micrometer
Checking the thickness of aluminum sheets and panels


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