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Aluwedo® provides composite panels with an exceptional level of flatness together with high corrosion resistance and a very low coefficient of expansion. Aluminum-plastic composite panel is easy to be fabricated due to its high lightness, rigidity and shock resistance. It offers excellent mechanical properties and is lighter than steel and solid aluminum panels. The weight of this kind of composite panel is 3.4 times less than steel's weight and 1.6 times less than that of aluminum with rigidity being equal.

Exterior cladding; Interior decoration; Showroom decoration; Gas station; Bus station; Railway station; Airport; Shops; Vehicle roof and wall decoration; Trucks roof and wall decoration; Trains roof and wall decoration; Vessel roof and wall decoration; Cabinet; Door; Furniture surface; Signs; Art design; Home furnishing.

If you are using materials such as wood, PVC, Acrylic sheets, foam panel, steel plate, aluminum plate, and honeycomb paper, among others, come to know something about Aluminum-plastic composite panel, maybe its excellent performance as well as high price/performance ratio will make you change your mind.

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Jiangsu Aluwedo Aluminum Composite Panel Co., Ltd.